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A cloud-based glass designer that can quickly draw, price and order virtually any piece of glass.


Save Time

Smart-Glass has been tested drawing glass against CAD and paper and is significantly faster than both. Furthermore it exports directly to your production system, or can be integrated with Smart-Toolbox ERP, eliminating the traditional order entry step.

Time saving features include user customisable cutout and panel libraries, drag-and-drop cutouts, on-click edgework and easy cloning of glass panels. Drawings are interactive, meaning the user can click on dimensions to change them.

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Avoid Mistakes

Mistakes, from misinterpreting drawings or order entry errors, are common in the glass industry. For the fabricator they are painful, stressing your system and staff as you try to deliver replacement glass as quickly as possible. For an installer it can be even worse, mistakes are often only discovered once on site, and their customer will be irate about the delay.

Smart-Glass helps eliminate all these errors. Computerised drawings are easy to interpret and machine friendly output such as DXF allows jobs to go straight to cutting tables and CNC machines. Smart-Glass also exports to production systems, allowing the end customer's carefully drawn glass to skip the time-consuming and error-prone order entry process.

accurate costing

Accurate Costing

Smart-Glass can be loaded with all your supplier costs. It understands shape surcharges and as you design each panel it tracks exactly how many notches, holes and lineal metres of edge work are required. This allows you to see instantly how much the glass in your job is going to cost so that you can quote with the confidence that your margin is protected. You can even clone jobs to experiment and price different glass make-ups.

For many glass processors, responding to quote requests from installers is a time-consuming task which too often slips down the priority list. With Smart-Glass, installers can obtain their own quotes, saving time and providing much better service.

record keeping

Record Keeping

Smart-Glass keeps a copy of all your quotes and orders. When a customer you quoted months ago contacts you to proceed with the job you can see exactly what it comprises. Furthermore, you can easily clone and update the job with accurate site measurements, thereby keeping a record of both what you quoted and what you need to order.

Whether a customer breaks a shower door years on, or your installer shells a panel 20 minutes after delivery, you have the exact details at your fingertips to reorder the glass.


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Drag and Drop Cut-Outs

Search the library of real world hardware cut-outs, or your own custom favourites, and drag cut-outs directly onto your glass drawing.

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Interactive Drawings

Smart-Glass drawings are intuitively interactive. Click on a cut-out to select it and display a cut-out blow-up. Click on a measurement to alter it directly on the drawing. The drawing will update instantly in response to your change.

Faster than CAD or paper
Faster than CAD or Paper

Smart-Glass has been tested against CAD and paper in a variety of settings and is significantly faster than both at drawing glass. It simultaneously calculates costs and can be exported to production systems with a button click.

glass order
Detailed Glass Drawings

Produce accurate glass drawings with cut-out blowups and movable dimension lines. Output to PDF, DXF, or export straight to production software.

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Accurate Costing

Smart-Builder automatically calculates the cost of your glass and processing for the selected supplier. Change suppliers to instantly compare costs before you place an order.

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Cloud Based

Available online in the cloud from anywhere you have an internet connection. Use on Windows, OS-X, iOS or Android.

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Low Cost, Easy Signup

Smart-Glass has no installation fee, a minimal monthly fee and no minimum term. Tutorials lead you step-by-step through getting started. There are no obstacles.

easy quote
Easy Quotes

Smart-Glass can be used as a quoting tool. It allows you to set up standard notes and messages, load a picture, and choose whether to list your glass with thumbnail pictures of each panel.

usglass readers choice

Smart-Glass won the 2016 USGlass Magazine Reader's Choice Award in the Software category.


Smart-Builder is the world's leading software for designing glass structures. There are five modules which can be used as standalone design tools or integrated into the Smart-Toolbox sales system.

Design Module Add-ons

Whether you are looking for a simple estimation tool, a powerful job management system or a 24/7 web portal to sell your product online, Smart-Builder has a solution for you.

With customers ranging from glass installers to glass processors and hardware suppliers from around the world, they know the glass business and they know how to help.

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